Authentic ceramics for Invest Komfort customers

31 January 2024

Our ambition is to continually surprise customers by offering them something they haven’t even begun to dream about. This time, we decided to prepare a surprise for people moving to their new flats. In collaboration with the best Polish artists and manufactures, we have created a limited series of porcelain and table ceramics.

Each of our new developments has been given its own line of porcelain, which fits perfectly with the concept and atmosphere of the project. The dishes have been handmade and are unique. We hope that they will make your first coffee or tea in your new home taste even better.

Smolna Sopot – elegant minimalism

Smolna Sopot embodies the Far Eastern philosophy of making home and the natural world coexist. To top off the project, we have designed a limited edition of Smolna vases together with Artur Wesołowski, a ceramicist from the Wesky studio.

The contrasting combination of a smooth, glazed interior and an organic texture hand-worked in black stoneware is the result of the artist’s explorations inspired by the architecture and the surroundings of Smolna Sopot.

Gdańska – Feel the homely atmosphere

Gdańska is a place of relaxation and recreation for everyone. Situated in one of the most attractive parts of Gdańsk, the estate in Brzeźno offers a space to relax and enjoy the comfort of seaside living.

Lightness, delicacy, harmony and warmth are what distinguish the collection of ceramics dedicated to the Gdańsk investment. The cookware matches the atmosphere of the light-filled place, designed with attention to the tiniest detail.

The ceramics collection has been created by Magdalena Stroszejn, an artist from the Lutumursi Design studio.

Małokacka – close to nature and to the city

Towering above the vast expanse of a beech forest, the Małokacka residential complex catches the eye with its impressive façade, which changes its colour depending on the season and lighting. In addition, the rooftop terrace, which serves as a meeting and relaxation area, delights you with its view of the sea and the omnipresent greenery.

To top off the project, we have designed a limited edition of mugs in collaboration with Magdalena Stroszejn from the Lutumursi studio.

Inspired by the building’s slim body, the artist has designed items on which, just as on Małokacka’s façade, shades of copper never stop playing with the light. The dishes have been handmade from glazed stoneware, using traditional methods.

Brabank – the golden era

With the residents of Brabank in mind, the Mosko studio has created a limited edition of elegant black espresso cups. They have been decorated with 22-carat brush-applied gold and then fired at 800°C. Their geometric form is reminiscent of Brabank architecture.

Botanica – Japanese style

For one of the greenest developments in Poland – Botanica Jelitkowo – Jakub Sojka of the FÓBE studio created a set of green tea utensils This is a reference to Japan, which was also an inspiration for the creators of the housing estate. In his work, the artist combines the modern FDM 3D printing technology with the traditional craft technique of making a cast from a casting slip.

Nowe Kolibki – slow life

Nowe Kolibki is another green development in the Invest Komfort portfolio The intimate housing development is located in Gdynia’s Orłowo district, surrounded by the dense forests of the Tri-City Landscape Park. Karolina Grzegorczyk and Wiktoria Rutkowska, artists from the Ronja Ceramics studio, developed a green tea set made of stoneware for the new residents, inspired by the Baltic beach, shells and sand. It fits perfectly into the slow life atmosphere of the seaside estate, where calming earth colours – beiges, warm browns and deep greens – dominate.

Opacka – heritage and nobility

Opacka is a limited collection of flats for connoisseurs of art and the city. The investment was created in one of the oldest and most beautiful districts of the Tri-City – Oliwa. In its immediate vicinity is the towering Oliwa Archcathedral and a park open to the district’s residents. We invited the Majolica Nieborów workshop, with a history dating back to 1881 and linked to the Radziwiłł princely family, to collaborate on the ceramics. The manufactory’s artists developed a floral coffee porcelain set, drawing inspiration from Oliva’s unique atmosphere and its centuries-old heritage.

Nadmorski Dwór – nature and freedom

Nadmorski Dwór is another development in which nature plays an extremely important role. It is located close to the beach and surrounded by a park with preserved old trees. Inspired by this place, ceramic artist Dariusz Kołodziej created a limited edition of tea cups. The vessels were made by turning on a potter’s wheel in the ‘marbling’ technique, using two colours of clay that blend together to create original patterns. The artist used only traditional wooden and metal tools, which he makes himself.

Okrzei – timelessness

Sopot is not only a seaside resort, but also one of the most beautiful and desirable places to live in Poland. Apartamenty Okrzei built here are only 400 metres from the seaside beach, yet it is a quiet and peaceful place. The second phase of the Sopot development, which impresses with its elegance, timelessness and exceptionally long list of amenities, is still on sale. Monika Skorupska of the MOSKO design studio has developed a set of espresso cups finished in platinum for the residents of the new flats. They are characterised by a classic form and the highest quality materials.

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